Writing to Capture Clients

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Program Overview

There are two kinds of writing: captive and non-captive.

Captive writing is for the court, who is required to read it. Non-captive writing is different: reading is optional. No one has to read it. These are pieces like blog posts, client alerts, and articles. If you don’t grab your readers immediately—in the first paragraph, usually—and if you don’t explain why the topic is even relevant to them, they’ll exercise that option and stop reading. And they won’t come back.

The problem with non-captive legal writing is that too often it looks like captive writing. Who wants to read an article that looks like a brief? In this interactive seminar, Ben will teach you how to craft business development pieces like blog posts, client alerts, and articles with attention-getting introductions and engaging writing that caters to the needs of your readers.


Sample Topics:

  • Writing engaging headlines and effective introductions

  • Varying your sentence length and structure

  • Explaining legal issues to the layperson.



Your first paragraph is the most important. If you don’t engage your readers immediately, they’ll stop reading. For good.

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