Ben’s coaching philosophy is simple: every writer, regardless of skill, can benefit from coaching. It’s not just for remediation. The best writers throughout history coached each other: Wordsworth and Coleridge, Hemingway and Fitzgerald, Yeats and Pound. If they could benefit, all of us can.


Coaching Overview

Better Writers, Better Writing

Ben offers individual coaching to attorneys, drawing on his five years of experience as an in-house law firm writing coach and his experience directing two university writing centers.

While Ben’s short term goal might be to help attorneys improve a specific piece of writing, his long term goal is to make them better writers.  Ben recognizes that attorneys don’t just want answers; they want to learn skills. He doesn’t just redline documents and tell attorneys what to change to make it better.  Instead, he gives them stylistic tools to become better writers. In the long term, that’s much more effective.

Ben’s coaching services include comprehensive feedback, a detailed action plan, and follow up.


Ben offers these flexible plans:

  • Full day coaching clinic: Ben is at your firm for the day, meeting with attorneys in 45 minute coaching sessions.

  • Long range coaching plans: Ben meets with an attorney over a series of sessions, typically spaced one or two weeks apart.

  • One-time coaching sessions: Ben meets with attorneys for a single session to go over a piece of writing.


Program Highlights

He doesn’t redline your writing and tell you what to change to make it better; instead, he gives you the stylistic tools so that you become a better writer.

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