Complicated Ideas, Simple Explanations

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Program Overview

When we explain a concept from our area of expertise, it’s easy to forget that our readers don’t share our knowledge.

The result? A confused and frustrated reader who sees nothing but jargon and convoluted phrases. Good writers explain a topic in a manner that anyone can understand.

As one judge recently said, “A Martian should be able to drop down from the sky, read your document cold, and still understand it.” Join Ben in this interactive seminar as he teaches you how to explain even the most complicated topic in a simple manner that anyone—even Martians—can understand. This is a great course for your IP attorneys.


Sample Topics:

  • The old/new contract in writing

  • Word choice to ensure that your reader stays with you

  • Topic sentences as guideposts

  • The importance of the period.



Every sentence should contain some reference to either the sentence before it or to the topic sentence of the paragraph.

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