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Everything you write should be persuasive. That’s the premise behind Persuasive Matters. Effective persuasive writing puts your readers in a different state of mind, either emotionally or intellectually. If it doesn't, it's a waste of time.




To show you how to write with clarity and concision, Ben Opipari offers interactive and engaging writing programs. His programs cover the entire writing process, using powerful writing examples from different areas so you’ll see what effective persuasive writing looks like.


Ben offers individual coaching to attorneys, drawing on his five years of experience as an in-house law firm writing coach and his experience directing two university writing centers. He offers full day coaching, long range plans and one-time coaching sessions.

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Ben Opipari offers practical and engaging legal writing programs and coaching to all law firm professionals, from staff to summer associates to senior partners. Ben has over 20 years of teaching experience on the university and corporate levels, including five as in-house writing instructor at a Washington, DC based international law firm. His programs cover the entire writing process, with powerful writing examples from inside and outside the legal world.



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