Trimming the Fat in Your Writing

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Program Overview

Have you ever listened to a long-winded colleague drone on, saying something in 100 words that could have been said in 10?

It’s likely that you became annoyed, distracted, and uninterested. It’s a waste of time for everyone. Writing is no different.

Verbose writers create a confused (at best) or adversarial (at worst) audience by boring and making impatient those they’re trying to win over – exactly what they don’t want to happen. No one should have to read a sentence more than once, and this engaging seminar will show you how to shed those words and make your writing concise, direct, and persuasive. The result is a document that’s filled with lean writing.


Sample Topics:

  • Unnecessary modifiers

  • subtle redundancies

  • nominalizations

  • metadiscourse

  • abstract nouns and verbs



In the words of Mark Twain, “Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write the word ‘very.’ Your editor will delete it, and the writing will be just as it should.”

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